Conversational AI chatbots have become a popular approach for organizations across various sectors to communicate with their consumers. At a time when remote working is more prevalent than ever, chatbots have helped many organizations maintain a consistent customer experience and enhance brand loyalty.

With consumers seeking a digital experience that is available 24/7, the potential for chatbot architecture and design to advance to the point where interactive AI becomes the standard for customer support is highly relevant.

Following the fourth industrial revolution, many governmental organizations and companies in the MENA region are beginning to recognize the worldwide move towards AI and sophisticated technology.

In an effort to raise global awareness of digitalization and automation technology adoption, Verve Management is thrilled to present the 2nd edition of MENA Conversational AI Summit 2022, which will be held on May 24th and 25th in Dubai, UAE. The summit aims to discover the potential for humanizing digital interactions by uncovering new trends in Conversational AI applications powered by machine learning and deep learning.

Unlocking the full potential of digitalization

The MENA region is currently at a crossroads. Organic growth alone is not enough to transform the region into a leading digital economy. A comprehensive, clear, and coordinated approach is needed to unlock the full potential of digitalization, which must be implemented as soon as possible.

Thus, the summit will provide an opportunity for industry professionals to network with globally renowned experts to learn more about how conversational AI-driven automation can offer enhanced customer service, resulting in the creation of entirely new services and business models across wide range of industries.

Furthermore, via panel discussions, presentations, and Q&A sessions, attendees may delve into themes such as:

  • Intelligent Evolution of The Contact Centre
  • Emergence for master–bots
  • Conversational commerce redefining retail businesses
  • Future of speech recognition & voice-activated technology
  • Unlocking ROI & measuring success on adoption of chatbot
  • Ethical AI framework
  • Designing a conversational banking experience

Meet renowned names in the industry

  • Dr. Jassim Haji, President – International Group of Artificial Intelligence
  • Thuraya Al Harthi, Senior Specialist – Innovation & Emerging Technology Development – Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology – Oman
  • Neale Croutear-Foy, Chief Technology Officer – Digital Banking – Apex Group Ltd – UAE
  • Ahmad Samir, CX Planning & Design Director – WE Telecom – Egypt
  • Ledi Lapaj, Director Customer Experience – Bank-al-Etihad – Jordan
  • Kartik Bhatt, Chief Operating Officer – Sharaf Retail – UAE
  • Ritesh Dhanak, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer – GEMS Modern Academy – UAE
  • Abhishek Rao, Head eCommerce – Barakat Group of Companies – UAE

It is a must-attend event for industrial and business experts who aspire to take their firm to the next level of competitiveness and innovation.

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