Alpha Digital Design partnered with Mvine to improve Member Experience on-the-go
Established in London in 2000, Quintessentially Lifestyle is an award-winning luxury concierge service that has three tiered levels of membership and over 60 offices around the globe, providing personalised lifestyle services.

The company could see the growing popularity of smart mobile devices and felt the channel offered a great opportunity to enhance member experience. Aaron Simpson, Co-Founder and Group Chairman at Quintessentially Lifestyle, explains: “An app would be in people’s pockets. Our members could access it wherever they were.”

Quintessentially Lifestyle therefore engaged Alpha Digital Design to develop a concierge mobile app. Alpha Digital Design needed a portal solution that included intelligent multi-tier membership management and secure integration capabilities out of the box.

Where it all started…
Mvine for Cloud Integration is an intelligent brokerage platform that helps service organisations such as Quintessentially Lifestyle to integrate disparate systems securely, enabling them to deliver highly personalised services safely and seamlessly.

A mobile app ensures Quintessentially Lifestyle’s members can access their lifestyle managers and lifestyle managers can service their members’ needs at the press of a button. The app is combined with deep intelligence on members’ current situation and desires, helping lifestyle managers deliver a more personalised service to their members.

When Neil Klerk, Director at Alpha Digital Design, saw the Mvine portal, he knew it would be perfect. Not only could it integrate securely with Quintessentially Lifestyle’s booking and concierge systems, Mvine’s built-in multi-tier membership features would enable functionality and content to be tailored to individual member needs.

Mvine worked closely with Alpha Digital Design to develop a solution. It includes three applications: a mobile app for members to engage with their lifestyle managers; a portal for suppliers to upload their offers; and a portal for lifestyle managers to moderate suppliers’ offers and communicate with members.

Combining data for deeper insight…
To provide the deep insight that Quintessentially Lifestyle relies on to deliver a service highly tailored to individual member’s needs, the Mvine broker mines historical information from Quintessentially Lifestyle’s booking and concierge systems and intelligently combines it with knowledge learnt about members through the mobile app. Klerk explains: “If the person constantly looks at certain information we have a good idea they are interested in that subject. We can morph this into their historical profile to bring it up to date.” 

Federated identity technology ensures members receive a seamless, unified experience even though the intelligence combines numerous different information sources. Klerk reveals: “With Mvine you can securely and seamlessly integrate multiple databases: … supplier, member, content and editorial. Members will have seamless access to a wealth of functionality and different pieces of information coming from multiple systems in multiple countries.”

The concierge service today…
Quintessentially Lifestyle’s suppliers use their bespoke Mvine portal to upload details of their services and offers. Once uploaded, Quintessentially Lifestyle’s lifestyle managers use another Mvine portal to identify three or four members who might be interested based on the deep insight provided by the Mvine broker.

The lifestyle manager sends the offer to the members’ mobile apps. As soon as someone accepts, the offer is closed and deleted from all other mobiles. Aaron tells us: “We can push an offer out much faster. We simply press a button rather than writing an email to each person and monitoring responses manually.”

Location-aware, the mobile app enables members to quickly find and select nearby services of interest. The information – comprising a bespoke city guide containing the things Quintessentially Lifestyle knows the member would like and what Quintessentially Lifestyle thinks of them – is more comprehensive than lifestyle managers previously provided over the phone.
Accessing these services is quick and simple. Klerk explains: “A member simply presses a button and they go directly through to the right person. And when the member is talking, the app tells the lifestyle manager what they are looking at.

Members’ confidence and information is of utmost importance to Quintessentially Lifestyle. With the app drawing on information from a diversity of sources – some of it exceptionally personal – rigorous testing by Quintessentially LIfestyle’s own operations team showed Mvine for Cloud Integration to be completely safe and secure.

The Future…
The solution has not altered Quintessentially LIfestyle’s service model; it has enhanced it. “Ensuring our service remained personal was really important to us,” adds Simpson. “The solution has taken what we had and made it more efficient and more personal.”

But the recent launch of the app is not the end of the story. Klerk tells us:
“The mobile app will develop as we learn how people are using it. We will be adding other services such as Quintessentially Driven, a chauffeur car service.”
Simpson concludes:
“The app totally changes the way we connect with our members. The same personalised service is always going to be there, but the app provides us with an efficient solution to deliver a seamless experience for our members, allowing us to grow our service and improve it.”

Neil KlerckNeil Klerck
Neil Klerck is the General Manager of Alpha Digital Design Ltd, a development company specialising in the design of web sites and applications, with a focus on user experience.

In this role, Neil is responsible for revenue generation, brand development and strategic partnerships.

With leadership positions at YBI Group Ltd and Quintessentially Mobile, Neil has played a pivotal role in creating successful revenue-growing programs, multi-faceted marketing strategies, developing and optimizing e-commerce platforms, and operations management.

Neil graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cape Town in 2001. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.

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