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a purple image demonstrating Web 3.0

What changes will Web 3.0 bring to CX: a comprehensive guide

With blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse growing in popularity it is making way into Web 3.0. The previous versions (Web 1.0 and Web 2.0) came to be slowing and in stages. Therefore, it would seem that Web 3.0 is on...

an image showing the meta space

How blockchain could solve the advertising sector’s challenges

There are over 6,500 different cryptocurrencies, all varying in size of market capitalisation, which have different followings and trading volumes. Some of these are meme coins that have a supporting business model flimsier than a house of cards.  However, the vast majority are...

an image explaining the real impact of blockchain on CX

What’s the real impact of blockchain on CX?

What is the impact of blockchain on CX? How can blockchains and CX work together to make a better experience for the customers? This article will explain what cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs are, and how they can impact the CX industry....


Blockchain: An Integral Part of the New Digital Economy

When Bitcoin was created it was done to be a seamless payment method – backed up by the blockchain – for cheaper, faster, and safer worldwide peer-to-peer transactions. Even Satoshi Nakamoto probably did not foresee blockchain technology spanning into different...