One-in-ten UK consumers has never experienced good customer service, according to new research.

The findings from Zendesk Inc show just how damaging poor customer service can be, with 70 percent of UK respondents remembering negative experiences from more than a year previously.

Poor customer service also resulted in 50 percent terminating their relationship with a company completely, with 32 percent recommending that others avoid them.

A total of 74 percent cited the number one priority for good customer service to be simply getting issues sorted, and 53 percent said they expect customer service to be faster than it was five years ago.

Along with the UK, the survey also involved customers from France and Germany, and Zendesk’s Prelini Udayan-Chiechi said: “Our research into consumer behaviour in Europe validates our efforts in transforming the way organisations develop meaningful relationships with their customers so they stay with them over the longer term.

“After surveying consumers across the UK, France, and Germany, the data is clear – customers just want their problems solved. When it comes to common questions, consumers don’t want to get stuck in small talk and hold music, they just want brands to get out of their way.

“However, when things get more complex, a human touch goes a long way. Brands need to make sure they are striking the right balance between self-service and human kindness, equipping their teams with the right tools to scale the empathy their customer service teams can provide.”

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