Freshest news from the Tech industry are in.


1. In the future an under-screen finger scanner would be a must for all phones



2. Amazon Echo: Best features. From someone who has been using it actively for a year.


3. New hack targeted Instagram this time. Millions of account details and personal details are now up for sale.


4. All Apple technology that launched under Tim Cook as CEO has thrived


5. Android Oreo update for all new Nokia phones that are to come


6. New Samsung phone to come out sooner than expected. Galaxy S9 could launch in January.


7. Will the AI and the use of robots reduce the pension age


8. Slack is no longer only reserved for the office use. Companies that work in a different field get creative with it.


9. If advertisers wish to succeed they would need to breath digital


10. Nokia’s dual camera revised. It may be good but other phones give you more.

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