Today’s Tech Insight:


1. Pebble makes a comeback with the new iPhone battery case that also stores and charges your AirPodsA Kickstarter campaign which is quickly receiving funding.


2. London pop-up shop where personal data is the only acceptable currencyKaspersky Lab’s news The Data Dollar Store does not accept your money.


3. iPhone 8 release date may be delayed due to manufacturing issues


4. How to deliver seamless customer experience with the help of Digital Quality Management? With the increase of online shopping, companies need to be prepared.


5. KPMG organises its annual Best British Mobile Startup search for 2018Successful applicants will be invited to pitch their business to a panel of judges.


6. Taxify stops its London operations completely due to the license issues


7. From now on O2 will fix your broken screen, but only for certain phones and under a two-year contract


8. News water powered phone batteries could be the soluton to prevent them from blowing up in the future


9. Uber announced they are gonna electrify all their vehicles in London by 2025.


10. Google Drive will be completely replaced by the Backup and Sync App on PC/MacThe switch will be final for both apps starting December 11th.

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