Take a look at the freshest news from the Tech Industry.


1. See how Samsung Galaxy Note 8 compares to other phones. Does it have what it takes to overtake the market?


2. It is rumoured that the iPhone 8 could have more memory than ever before. Amazing 512GB of storage to play with.


3. See Oreo, the new version of Android, compared to Bluetooth 5.


4. New world record: 1,069 humanoid robots having a synchronised dance session


5. Apple scales its ambitions for self-driving cars focusing on creating a shuttle for employees. It will be one of the transportation methods on its new campus.


6. How is Samsung Note 8 going to make you forget Note 7 forever? See Samsung at its best.


7. 5th October may be the day Google will announce its Pixel phone. Two devices which are going to be completely different from one another.


8. Microsoft is making your own augmented reality wand. With the development of VR motion controllers, this is the next step.




9. SpaceX has a new spacesuit and here is how it looks like. How does it compare to the NASA’s suit?


10. Want to protect yourself from theft? Take a look at the next generation of wallet trackers

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