There are hundreds of people tweeting about tech in the UK. How do you figure out who to follow?

Well, we did the hard work for you a rounded up some of the UK’s most interesting Twitter users for tech news and analysis.

We’ve sorted Twitter users according to how much they tweet, how much they engage with other users, and how useful their tweets are.

15. Leigh Alexander15. Leigh Alexander

Handle: @leighalexander

Occupation: Freelance journalist.

Why: Alexander has segued from being an excellent and opinionated gaming journalist into covering wider tech culture. She’s hugely switched on and will often decimate her trolls publicly. It’s also fun to watch her navigate British culture as an American.

14. Hussein Kanji from Hoxton Ventures14. Hussein Kanji from Hoxton Ventures 

Handle: @hkanji

Occupation: Founding partner at Hoxton Ventures.

Why: Kanji is one of the smartest VCs in London who is constantly plugged into tech news and shares the latest articles and analysis. He’s also a good source of restaurant recommendations.

 13. Azeem Azhar from Schibsted Media Group 13. Azeem Azhar from Schibsted Media Group

Handle: @azeem

Occupation: Vice president, venture & foresight at Schibsted Media Group.

Why: Azhar is a well-known figure in London tech, and he shares technology news about everything from AI to fintech.

12. Madhumita Murgia from The Financial Times 12. Madhumita Murgia from The Financial Times

Handle: @madhumita29

Occupation: European technology correspondent at The Financial Times.

Why: Murgia’s tweets sparingly compared to many other tech journalists but when she does it’s usually on the money. As the European tech correspondent of one of the world’s best known newspapers, Murgia often tweets exclusive FT news, as well as interviews with top CEOs.

 11. Nando de Freitas from the University of Oxford and DeepMind 11. Nando de Freitas from the University of Oxford and DeepMind

Handle: @NandoDF

Occupation: Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and senior staff research scientist at DeepMind.

Why: Artificial intelligence is fast becoming one of the most exciting fields in technology, and Nando de Freitas is at the forefront of it.

 10. Jessica Davies from Digiday10. Jessica Davies from Digiday

Handle: @Jessdaviesmk

Occupation: UK editor at Digiday.

Why: Want to keep up with the world of publishing and digital media? Davies has got you covered. She shares stories about the media industry as well as on the ground reports from events.

 9. Ian Betteridge from Alphr9. Ian Betteridge from Alphr

Handle: @ianbetteridge

Occupation: Editorial director of Alphr.

Why: Betteridge, who runs technology site Alphr, shares content from his site and general tech news.

 8. Ingrid Lunden from TechCrunch8. Ingrid Lunden from TechCrunch

Handle: @ingridlunden

Occupation: News editor at TechCrunch.

Why: As a longtime TechCrunch correspondent, Lunden is one of the most knowledgeable tech reporters in the UK and a veritable scoop machine. She’s particularly strong on finance, with a record of scoops on secret acquisitions and funding rounds.

 7. Rory Cellan-Jones from BBC News 7. Rory Cellan-Jones from BBC News

Handle: @ruskin147

Occupation: Technology correspondent at the BBC.

Why: The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones is an authoritative voice in the tech world. He has two Twitter accounts you can follow: his work account: @bbcrorycj, and there’s also his personal account: @ruskin147.

 6. Vicki Turk from New Scientist6. Vicki Turk from New Scientist

Handle: @VickiTurk

Occupation: Technology editor at the New Scientist.

Why: Turk’s Twitter feed is good brain food, swapping the usual tech fodder of gadgets and Uber scandals for baby octopuses and Philip K. Dick robots. She mixes up her science-savvy tweets with some righteous feminism too.

 5. Alex Hern from The Guardian 5. Alex Hern from The Guardian

Handle: @alexhern

Occupation: Technology features writer at The Guardian.

Why: Hern shares his humorous takes on technology news, as well as musings about everything from comic books to video games.

 4. Eileen Burbidge from Passion Capital4. Eileen Burbidge from Passion Capital

Handle: @eileentso

Occupation: Partner at Passion Capital.

Why: Burbidge shares photos and thoughts from her various roles as the Mayor of London’s fintech ambassador, the chair of Tech City UK, and also from her Passion Capital investments. It’s a good way to keep track of how the government interacts with the country’s tech sector.

 3. Theo Bertram from Google 3. Theo Bertram from Google

Handle: @theobertram

Occupation: Policy strategy, EMEA at ‎Google.

Why: Bertram used to be a Downing Street advisor to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, but now he’s working at Google. He’s an interesting voice on the intersection of technology and politics, and he regularly shares entertaining anecdotes from his time on Downing Street.

 2. Steve O'Hear from TechCrunch2. Steve O’Hear from TechCrunch

Handle: @sohear

Occupation: Journalist at TechCrunch.

Why: O’Hear is a veteran technology journalist and entrepreneur who closely covers Europe’s technology scene, sharing news on funding, personnel moves, and more. He’s also an entertaining personality on Twitter.

1. Ben Wood from CCS Insight1. Ben Wood from CCS Insight

Handle: @benwood

Occupation: Mobile/wireless industry analyst at CCS Insight.

Why: Can’t make it to a technology conference or press event? Don’t worry, Ben Wood is probably there and sharing lots of photos and news.

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