As part of CCW Digital initiative to foster a robust community for customer experience professionals, they introduced us to some prominent thought leaders.  These incredibly insightful individuals are constantly uncovering solutions to customer experience challenges.  They, more importantly, are constantly sharing what they find as part of a campaign to create a more customer-centric marketplace.

In assembling their list, they worked to identify inquisitive minds sharing fresh, unique perspectives.  Some challenge conventional wisdom regarding the customer experience.  Others support conventional wisdom but with compelling anecdotal and empirical evidence rather than hollow rhetoric.

The Customer Experience Magazine is glad and proud to see Ian Golding, one of the globally renowned CX professionals, on the list. He is one of only a few certified Customer Experience trainers in the world, holding the most creditable programme of CX masterclasses organised by the magazine, developed for those who want to master their skills or prepare for the CXPA exam and become certified CX professionals.

To conclude, here is the full list of top influencers with links to their blogs and social media accounts worth paying attention to.

First Last Twitter Best Place For Articles/Content
Adam Toporek
Jim Tincher
Jeannie Walters
Adrian Swinscoe
Ian Golding
Michael Hinshaw
Andy Hanselman
Laura Sikorski
Jason Karaman
Nate Brown
Ernan Roman
Shaun Smith
Ian Williams
Bill Hogg
Andrew Rudin
Rick Harris
Gerry Brown
Teresa Allen
Steve DiGioia
Adam Ramshaw
Paul Jun
Len Markidian
Ben Motteram
David Raab
Joellyn Sargeant
Mitch Gooze
Steve Curtin
Jeff Toister
Annette Franz
Jason Price
John Tschohl
Kristin Baird
Jase Clark
Bruce Temkin
Kerry Bodine
Billie Lou Sastre
Steve Dennis
Sven-Olof Husmark
Carley Bakker
John Patterson
Chip Bell
Maria Garcia
Jeff James
Bruce Jones
Toni Newman
Peter Shankman
Jaime Stein
John White
Jonathan Levitt
James Wilson




Source: CCW Digital

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