Last week, HR professionals and enthusiasts alike had an exceptional day. At the live UK Employee Experience Awards TM ’22, the attendees had the opportunity to bear witness to 65 finalists of the programme presenting their top initiatives. 

The Awards Finals and Ceremony were held at the Hilton Hotel near the country’s national stadium in the prestigious capital. Just like at Wembley, the Hilton was the place of showcasing the best of the best of employee-centred initiatives on May 19.

A closer look at last week’s spectacle

Today, we’ll rewind and showcase the highlights of the UK EXATM Finals and Ceremony. The day started off with the presentations, as participants painted a vivid picture of their successful journey that gained them their spot in the finals. 17 different panels of judges saw to it that every presentation got evaluated properly and promptly. It was not an easy task, but everything ran smoothly. 

Later on, the fantastic Awards Ceremony host, BBC Drivetime and Sony Award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Clare McDonnel, took the stage – greeting the audience and preparing them for a day to remember.

Once everyone was comfortable, McDonnel introduced our inspiring Keynote Speaker – Cilla McKay, 9 times Awards International judge and CEO of Oxbow Performance Consulting Ltd. McKay encapsulated the theme of the event People First, sharing some vital insights about the post-Covid employment world.  

During the ceremony was a charity raffle to raise money for Barnardo’s – Awards International’s charity partner since 2010. An astounding £3300 was kindly donated by the generosity of the guests. 

“It is only right that, while we celebrate our success, we also consider others less fortunate than ourselves. Barnardo’s purpose is to transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children.During the pandemic, Barnardo’s saw an 80% reduction in donations.It was amazing to see us raise pre-pandemic figures once more at one of our events. Thank you to the amazing contributors for their generosity”, says Ivana Kircanski, COO of Awards International

 Who are the winners of this year’s UK Employee Experience Awards TM? 

With as many as 76 EX initiatives of the highest quality, determining and announcing the winners was a complex task. All the participants had outstanding stories to tell, and we are thankful to be part of the community that acknowledges those who take care of the people behind their organisation’s successes.

There were 17 categories this year, and you can find out who won in every category on the Awards International website. We take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners of their categories.

“There were so many brilliant people in attendance at the UK EXA’22 last week in London, both the finalists and judges – all the people who put their employees at the heart of their business. The day itself was so inspiring, with many brilliant initiatives presented, demonstrating all the hard work that these companies put into the wellbeing of their people. Everyone was buzzing, everyone was super excited just to be there, I can’t wait for the 2023 edition of the Awards!”, noted Stevan Jankovic, the CRM Team Manager of Awards International.

For a complete experience of the UK Employee Experience AwardsTM, check out the photo gallery.

Finally, the Overall Winner of the UK Employee Experience Awards ’22 is Citizens Advice. Awards International and CXM congratulate the winners on their hard work and fantastic achievement. We are glad to be part of your journey and look forward to seeing all the participants next year! 

Overall Winners Citizens Advice pictured holding their trophy.
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