This year’s initiatives have been excellent. All entrants have done an incredible job. It was not easy to shortlist all the nominees to our finalists. But we’ve done it!

The lists of the top 25 CXMStars for each category have been released. 

However, this is not the end. We’re far from it. We need your help to rank them.

Get your votes in, have your say!

Voting is now open for 2 weeks. You have from the 26th January to the 9th February. Like last year, 40% of all scores will come from the audience’s votes, and 60% from the judging panel. If you would like more info on this year’s judging panel and their voting process, read the full press release here

All voters are allocated 5 votes for each category. You can award your chosen candidate 1-5 points.

Readers, time to vote for those individuals in each category who you think have done an outstanding job. Finalists, now is the time to reach out to your network for those precious votes! 

How do I vote?   

It’s a very easy process…

  1. Register to CXM
  2. Read through the finalists’ profiles carefully
  3. Select your top five influencers and top five professionals, ranking them in the order of your choosing. 

You can press the link here to vote for Professionals

Here you can vote for Influencers

Once your votes have been submitted, the CXM team will oversee the process of calculating the final order of 2023’s CXM Stars™. This final ranking will come from the accumulation of total readers’ votes and judges’ scores. The countdown of the Top 25 Professionals and Top 25 Influencers will be revealed in mid February. 

We would strongly suggest, if you haven’t already, subscribe to CXM so that you can have your say on the final ranking. 2023 is going to be the year of improving CX, and our CXMStars™ will guide the way. 

Let’s get voting!🚀

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