With CXMStars™ 2024 well underway and the nominations step ending imminently, it’s time for the next announcements. After the nomination process concludes, our team will proceed to shortlist the top 50 CXM stars. Following this step, we are thrilled to share that the next phase involves collecting scores from the CX community and our panel of judges.

The judging panel is what we will focus on in today’s announcement to bring more clarity and transparency to the CXMStars™️ process.

Scoring process 

The scoring is the same for each contestant – whether up for top CX professional or CX influencer. For each nominee – CX influencer or CX professional – their application’s total score is split into two parts:

40% public votes 

The public vote scores come down to each contestant sharing and encouraging their connections to vote for them. The contestant’s application profiles will also be publicly available on our site for our community to read through and place their votes. Each voter can assign scores to up to 5 people per category, with up to 5 points available.

60% judging panel’s total scores 

This year’s judging panel has a total of 4 great, respectable, and well-known individuals. 2 judges will each be assigned to either influencer’s or professional’s applications. Each judge will carefully assess each answer of a contestant’s application and response to the questions. They will rate the answers based on how well they believe the participant has met the criteria and provided evidence. 

For every answer of the application, the contestants may achieve a total of 100 points. With 6 criteria for the judges to score, that means that there’s 600 points up for grabs on every application. Industry awards, certificates, and publications have a fixed number of points that will be automatically assigned upon entry submission.

For CX professionals:

  • 1 point per certificate 
  • 10 points per award 

For CX influencers:

  • 5 points per published article
  • 10 points per book
  • 10 points per award

The 2024 judging panel 

We are delighted to introduce you to our cohort of credible judges and invite you to get acquainted with their role in this competition. 

Ian Golding 

We are delighted to welcome back last year’s judge – our dear friend and hard-working associate who is also part of our editorial advisory board. Ian Golding is a highly influential freelance CX consultant. He became a CCXP in 2014, is the CEO and founder of Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd. 

Ian is also closely tied to Awards International – being the chairman of the judging panels of the UK Customer Experience Awards, and the Gulf Customer Experience Awards. He is also a guest host of our CX Lore podcast. You can check out the latest episode he co-hosted with Neil Skehel on our Spotify.

Michelle Spaul  

As the face of Delta Swan consultancy, Michelle Spaul is a dedicated and passionate CX consultant. Michelle focuses on CX mentoring and her masterclass workshop to help leaders improve their customer satisfaction, which she has been doing since 1992!

Michelle was also awarded as one of our top contributors of 2023, publishing works that inspired and engaged our community. 

Keith Gait 

As the Chief Executive of our friends at Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO), and making the CXMStars™️ top professionals list of 2021, Keith Gait is not only a close community member, but an outstanding presence in the CX industry. Keith is committed to providing CX insights, guidance, and works hard on multiple publications and projects. 

He also previously judged at the UK Customer Experience Awards. What a great addition to our panel!

Anna Noakes Schulze 

Anna Noakes Schulze is Head of Community Experience at TheNTWK, the online community for digital business innovators, and a founding member of the Women in CX community. For more than 20 years, Anna has been dedicated to human-centred digital experiences that enable connection, community and commercial success. Working at the intersection of UX/CX and digital business innovation, her mission is to extend the human touch into the virtual world.

Anna was one of our CX Day: Real Talk 2022 event guest speakers where she helped us understand the complexity of the metaverse, Web 3.0, and digital transformation strategies. 

Let’s get scoring 

Each of our judges are respected, hard-working and reliable players in the CX industry. You can be well assured that they will do a terrific and fair job throughout the CXMStars™ 2024 competition. 

There’s not long left to go before we start shortlisting the applicants and get the top 50 through to the next stage. Will you make the list?

To learn more about the competition, and find the form to nominate yourself or someone else for the chance at winning Top CX Professional or Top CX Influencer this year, follow through this link here. 

Good luck everyone!

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