Outside In hosted a webinar on 9th February discussing our “growth engine”. Growth is a pretty vague, sometimes huge, sometimes feared, perhaps grey yet obvious and frequently used word in B2B. Surely everyone is striving for growth as they head out on the train or in their car every morning. However in the humdrum of the day to day working how many of us really remember what we’re striving for and just focus on the actions and ticking off the to do list?

The webinar didn’t show any fancy product demos and there was no glitzy show and tells. Rather it served as a checklist of the most basic and accelerated programmes and activities we believe the best sales and marketing teams and individuals need to strive for in order to change and tackle accelerated growth in 2017.

Perhaps it’s worth taking sometime today to remind yourself of how you and your business should be tackling growth.

Ensure You Have a Framework You Can Start Using Today

Garry Mansfield, MD from Outside In Sales & Marketing shared our BluePrint for growth: building blocks that we think should form part of your growth strategy. The Growth BluePrint is a framework for you to have conversations and plans to build a growth engine. We don’t suggest you tackle change all at once, rather, focus on different areas: purpose, proposition, people and process.

We don’t believe that it’s sensible to fly in a team of consultants who (at an elevated price) swoop down into your team(s) for a few days, weeks or even months(!), forcing change, teaching new methods, only to fly back out again and onto their next client.

Strangely, sensibly and boldly we want you to change yourselves. You and your company must accept change, tackle it (with our guidance potentially) buy into the changes and own the plans yourself. Our BluePrint can guide you.

Are You and Your Teams Ready to Change?

Do you have the skills, are your people capable? Do you have a customer led value proposition? Can it be clearly communicated? Does everyone know the strategy and what they need to do to reach the goal?

To hear what the best do differently (taken from years of B2B expertise, consultancy and OISM research) and find that missing piece of the jigsaw you need to excel and grow in 2017 check out this webinar.

Be Bold and Change

Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot by saying you don’t need expensive consultants telling you what you do and don’t need in order to win more this year. However what’s certain is with our Growth BluePrint you’ll at least have a framework for better sales and marketing transformation. Be bold.

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