Wisdom announced its Digital Customer Experience Series – Europe edition, to be held virtually on 20 – 21 April 2022 and CXM is pleased to support this event as a media partner.  

The event will explore the changing customer expectations in the European market with experts and senior representatives from top organisations across the world. This short overview will walk you through everything you need to know about the European edition of the Digital CX series.  

What will be explored?  

The Europe edition will dive into the changing customer preferences in the era of digital transformation and will discuss how it is impacting the European market dynamics. The event will invite key industry players for knowledge-sharing and engaging in strategic discussions on how companies are increasingly adopting the digital means of communication post COVID-19. 

An excellent networking opportunity  

Through interactive panel discussions, practical sessions, and insightful presentations from experts, this event will provide an excellent platform to gather crucial industry information for propelling the business plans forward. There will also be excellent networking opportunities to explore business collaboration prospects.  

This 2-day event will count on 20+ expert speakers from top global organisations including Kantonsspital Winterthur, Nestle Nespresso, HRS Group, Sava Re, The Customer Institute and many more.  

Key Topics

  • Hybrid high street experiences 
  • Citizen experiences in the digital age 
  • Building customer centric B2B experiences in a post pandemic world 
  • Future of hybrid experience channels 
  • Assessing and managing culture change, customer centricity, and efficiency 
  • Customer experience value chain analysis and brand power 
  • Penetration and growth prospect mapping 
  • Experience leadership, implementation, and employee experience 

Digital Customer Experience Series – Europe will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from and discuss with industry experts about leveraging the current European market trends to improve the CX models, which is now the #1 business differentiator.  

Where to book 

For more information, visit the official website. Why wait? Book your ticket today and get 10% discount by using the code CXM10.

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