CXM has narrowed down the list to the Top CX Influencers and Top CX Professionals, and we need your help to pick the Top 25 from each side for our 3rd CXMStars™. You can choose from a wide selection of Certified Customer Experience Professionals who have put customers and their experiences at the forefront. As well as the Influencers who inspire, encourage, and engage with their followers.  

The CXM team have drawn up a shortlist of their chosen Influencers and Professionals and we are giving you the final say, on who should make the top 25 list for Professionals and a separate top 25 for Influencers. You have until 31 January to cast your vote.

How to vote? 

Simply register to CXM, then select your top five Influencers and top five Professionals, ranking them in the order of your choosing. You can press the link here to vote for Professionals and here to vote for Influencers if you are already registered to get your vote on. 🏆

Once your votes have been submitted, CXM will oversee the process of calculating the final order of 2022’s CXM Stars™, with the countdown of the Top 25 Professionals and Top 25 Influencers revealed in early February. 

CXM will also be profiling the Top 25 Influencers and Top 25 Professionals, allowing readers to get to know their collective choice of the CXMStars™ guiding them in a brand-new year. 

Therefore, we would strongly suggest, if you haven’t already, subscribe to CXM so that you can have your say on the final ranking. 2022 is going to be the year of improving CX and our CXMStars™ will guide the way. 

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