Retaining staff has always been a major concern for dental clinics. Clinics are all fighting for the same limited pool of talent, and people coming into the field are aware of how much power they hold in their hands. The current crop of employees is also much more likely to switch jobs than the generation before them. This is why you need to double your efforts if you want to keep your staff. Here are some of the most common reasons why dental employees end up leaving. 

Poor Recruitment Strategy 

One of the biggest reasons why people end up quitting their jobs in the dental industry is because they were not recruited properly. Too many clinics are trying to cast a wide net when looking for candidates and end up with employees who are disengaged. Or they may not ensure that the employees they recruit understand their culture. 

If you want to get loyal, suitably qualified employees, you first have to make sure that their first goal is to work in the dental industry. Here, the best thing you could do is use a service like Dental recruitment boards are the best place if you’re looking for top talent at every level that will be highly motivated and are eager to work in the field. 

Ethics Issues 

You may have a way of doing things that people do not appreciate. Maybe you prioritise high-paying clients and try to turn away cheap jobs. That might work for you, but if someone in your team disagrees, there’s a very strong chance that they will decide to walk at some point.  

Lack of Inspiration 

Lack of inspiration is another common reason why dental employees quit. Here, proper recruitment will also help. You have to screen prospective employees at every step. You need to ask why they want to work for you and in the field of dentistry. You also have to make sure that you make things interesting for them and allow them to grow. 

One of the ways that you could do this would be to support continuous education and development. Providing a way for your dental hygienists to get new skills and maybe become dentists is a great way to earn their appreciation. You could also end up having a list of pre-screened employees ready to fill higher roles. 

Poor Salary and Benefits 

At the end of the day, if your salary and benefits package is not competitive, why would you be surprised when your employees look elsewhere? You need to look at the standards in the industry, but also consider going above and beyond. Don’t make it feel like conversations about raises are out of the question either. You have to find ways to incentivise good performance as well if you want to keep your team motivated. 

If you’re dealing with unusually high turnover rates in your practice, we would suggest you look at these tips. This could help you find and retain talent longer. 

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