Over the past few years, we have received feedback about our work as a business publication and a community. Our readers see us as individuals who question concepts, don’t hesitate to investigate the value of services and products, and always find a way to put things in a broader socio-cultural and economic context. 

This is what makes us so unique. Not only do we provide information to the community as a vessel of knowledge, but we are equally embedded within it. We engage, we interact, we make meaningful connections, and we foster opportunities. 

A huge part of our community is defined through our contributors. Simply put, we wouldn’t be here without those CX professionals, strategists, thinkers and gurus sharing their insights with us, which we then give back to you. It’s a cyclical community process!

In 2023, we published 250 pieces on our website – including thought leadership stories, case studies, interviews, and more. Our content featured all industries and articles, ranging through retail, technology, finance and sustainability, just to name a few. 

We’re so grateful for every piece that we publish, and take a lot of pride in the content narratives we’ve formed this year. We will continue questioning, researching, and making CXM an open, inclusive, diverse, and authoritative publication.Today, we want to celebrate and say thank you to our top contributing authors of 2023. Thank you for contributing to our mission.

Rachel Williams  

Rachel Williams is the Founder and Senior Consultant at The Experience Corporation. Rachel previously worked at major retail stores, Santander Bank and the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service.

Throughout her career, she has consulted consumers about complaints, provided technical advice to large banks and investigated various complaints about banking, insurance and investment issues. Rachel is our valuable community member who helped us improve our processes with her insightful feedback.

Frank Sherlock

Frank is the VP of International at CallMiner. Frank is an executive with extensive experience leading mid-size software and services companies in the International market. In 2023, Frank contributed insightful articles about artificial intelligence, conversational AI, personalisation through technology, and how companies can stay relevant during the cost of living crisis.   

Ginger Conlon  

Ginger Conlon is a thought leadership director at Genesys, an award-winning editorial leader who has covered CX and marketing for most of her career. She is the number 1 CXMStar influencer of 2023 and a member of the editorial advisory board at Customer Experience Magazine. In her prior roles as chief editor of Direct Marketing News, 1to1, and CRM magazines, she set the editorial vision and strategy, which led to increased readership, reader engagement, and revenue. She’s a sought-after speaker and has been cited on several lists of notable industry insiders to follow on social media. Ginger received a DMCNY Silver Apple lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the marketing industry.

Zarina Pasalic  

Zarina is Director of Digital Customer and Partner Experience at Cisco, ensuring tech-driven innovations are meeting the ever-changing needs of business clients. She has over 20 years’ experience of driving transformational customer-centric change, optimising the customer journey, and streamlining the digital experience (DX). Right after we came out of the pandemic, Zarina helped us understand what’s happening in the workplace and what leaders need to keep in mind to keep their employees safe.

Vaishali Dialani  

Vaishali is a Customer Experience Analyst at Konabos Consulting and one of CXMStars in 2023. She has been a strategy-driven customer experience professional for 7+ years, recognised for creating human-centred design systems for complex digital products. She leads marketing initiatives across diverse industries, from advertising, education, manufacturing, and fintech.

Eduardo Garcia Rodriguez 

Eduardo Garcia Rodriguez is a Content Analyst at Capterra UK, where he writes about business challenges and trends. He regularly publishes studies in the areas of HR, cybersecurity, conversational AI, digitisation, and more.

Paul Kavanagh 

Paul Kavanagh is managing director at global Insight and CX agency, Beehive Research. He helps brands to understand and engage with their customers and prospects to drive business growth. His passion for delivering insight that has the power to transform and deliver return on investment is at the heart of the work the company does for some of the world’s leading multinational companies across the globe.

Lynette Ryals  

Lynette Ryals is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive at MK: U. She is an impressive and knowledgeable leader, forward thinker, and visionary. Our editors had the honour of meeting her in Milton Keynes, where she walked them through the facilities, learning programs, advanced technologies used in the classrooms, and the unique learning culture Lynette and her colleagues are creating at this prestigious institution.

Michelle Spaul   

Michelle Spaul is a solo consultant, passionate about helping organisations enjoy the benefits of customer experience management. She is an active CX community member, leading a CXPA volunteer project and judging for Awards International. In 2023, Michelle wrote an article that sparked an engaging discussion within the CXM community. 

Nav Thethi 

Nav Thethi, Senior Manager, Web and Digital Experience at Hitachi Vantara, is an accomplished, customer-obsessed, and marketing acumen for creating and designing unified digital experiences for large enterprises to engage with technology and business leaders. Nav has a variety of technology and business experience of over 20 years across mid-to-large organisations.

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