The most popular hobby nowadays is playing video games. There are several consoles and all kinds of PCs that support the loads of games that game developers have produced throughout the years. This means that the gaming industry is doing pretty well.

It has been able to do so thanks to keeping an eye out for technological advances. The games have improved throughout the years and so have the systems. Mobile phones became smartphones and new gaming devices. Also, mobile gaming is a pretty huge part of the gaming industry.

Next in line are VR titles that are the future of the gaming world. But what about Bitcoin? It’s a trend that’s revolutionizing financial markets all over the world. It’s also a part of the gaming industry. Some online gaming sites accept it as a viable payment method and by doing so are catching up on this trend.

But the blockchain technology is also inspiring for game developers. That kind of technology is the reason they have developed Bitcoin games. These games belong to different genres of gaming but are great titles nevertheless. They are only some of the titles that form the crypto gaming market. Here are a few Bitcoin titles you can try out:

Bitcoin Hero

This is an ideal title for those looking to get into Bitcoin trading. That’s because Bitcoin Hero is a trading simulator app you can install on your smartphone or tablet. It gives you a virtual trading market with real prices of assets as well as an array of tools to analyze the market with. In other words, Bitcoin Hero will give you all the practice you need to become a skilled Bitcoin trader. You’ll learn how to make important decisions in various situations which is crucial for Bitcoin trading.

Alternatively, you can leave all that hard work to sites like that are known as trading platforms. You’ll need to make an account to use their services and a minimum deposit to start trading. Before you go live with the platform, you’ll need to go over the tutorials. What follows is a demo lesson and once you’re comfortable with the platform, you get to go live. You can also adjust the settings however you want, the moment you feel the need to do so. Otherwise, you can just let the trading bot do its job.

Spells of Genesis

Unlike the previous game, this one is a more relaxing title. Spells of Genesis is a trading card game that lets you face as many opponents as you can. Once you defeat them you’ll get rewarded and onto the next duel, it is.

There are several factions in this game and you’ll have plenty of cards to get. The more you have, the better your chances are of beating the next opponent. Also, you can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to acquire more collectible. So, if this game sounds intriguing then you can give it a shot.

Merge Cats

Merge Cats is a matching Bitcoin game. You’ll get fluffy felines in all shapes and sizes, and your job is to merge the right ones. The game has daily challenges that you can complete and you’ll be rewarded with various Bitcoin amounts as prizes. That’s what makes this a pretty interesting game.


The gaming industry is all about thriving as longs as they satisfy the needs of their customers. When you look at how much its worth has grown throughout the years. Thanks to merging with the latest technology and adapting to trends it has evolved into what it is today. That’s why Bitcoin and the gaming industry are getting along fine and will continue to do so in the future.

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