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Note from Ruth Evans

Welcome to this month’s Health Sector edition of Customer Experience Magazine.
It is our intention that we celebrate all the positives around our healthcare industry. I feel there is already enough
coverage of areas for improvement in the healthcare therefore in this section of Customer Experience Magazine you will find ideas and articles which focus only on the good things and interesting ideas. We hope this will be one of the go to resources for all involved in delivering an improved patient experience.

This month we have sourced some great articles and you will find we have news from the artistic to the
technological, from strategic thinking to local action.

We hope there is something in here for everyone. We are keen to hear your views and your news – so
please do get in touch. We are also a network and as such it is our intention to connect people. On this point I’d be very interested to hear how we can best do this to support you in your role. I would love to hear your thoughts and what support you would like PEN to be providing moving forward.

This Month’s Award Winning Case Study

Improving the In-Patient Experience – The Call Centre Approach at Luton and Dunstable Hospital

PENNA 2012 Award Winners for the Measuring, Reporting and Acting Category. The initiative, Improving the In-Patient Experience – the Call Centre Approach, was created by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director of Quality (DoQ) at Luton and Dunstable Hospital in June 2012………more

Latest NEWS about the Patient Experience

5 Ways Digital Hospital Displays Are Enhancing the Patient Experience
Healthcare and pharmaceutical research firm has launched a platform to examine patients’ experience around their treatment.
New Tool Measures Caregivers’ Perception of End-of-Life Care

Cancer care is improved in hospitals that employ more cancer specialist nurses
Providing a better patient experience without the waiting room
Digital Patient Check-In Tool to Improve Patient Engagement
Do hospital executives really care about the Patient Experience?
Patient care makeovers improve quality outcomes, satisfaction scores
Does NHS staff wellbeing affect patients’ experience of care?
‘Raising the culinary bar’ makes for a better hospital patient experience
Practical Tips and Techniques to Improve Patient Satisfaction
Empathy Can Help Hospitalists Improve Patient Experience Outcomes
It’s hard to grasp the experience of being a patient
Hospital staff share knowledge to improve patient experience

Patients’ rights being promoted in clinics and health centres around Leigh
North West ambulance staff have their say on patient services
Newham hospital patients benefit from pampering treatments

News from the US Health Sector

Want to Improve the Patient Experience? Commit to Process improvement
Patient-generated data is the future of care
Celebrate your patient experience all-stars

Best Practice Case Studies available in Print

Case Studies from the Patient Experience Network National Awards last year are included in our book of best practice. At just £30 this offers great value for money. To order your own copy please visit
this link
Invitation to get involved in this year’s PEN National Awards We are always keen to welcome new judges to our panel. If you are interested in becoming a judge please do contact Ruth Evans on We also have some superb sponosrship and partnership opportunities. Again if you are interested please contact Ruth Evans on

And now for something completely different:

Patients Need Poetry and so do doctors
Forgive me, body before me, for this. / Forgive me for my bumbling hands, unschooled / in how to touch: I meant to understand / what fever was, not love. Forgive me for / my stare, but when I look at you, I see / myself laid bare.


Improving care through listening to patients

A new white paper from 1000 Lives Plus explains how listening to patients and understanding what it feels like to experience care is a key way for NHS Wales to improve its services.
The Listening Organisation, was officially launched by David Sissling, Chief Executive of NHS Wales. It will support organisations to make sure patient views are listened to and acted on, in order to improve services.
“Patients are at the centre of everything we do within NHS Wales,” says Allison Williams, Chief Executive of Cwm Taf Health Board, and author of the white paper.
“If we truly believe in putting their needs at the heart of our decision-making then we must make a real commitment to listen and act upon what they tell us about our services.”
To find out more click on the link above.

Patient Experience EVENTS

The Patient Experience National Awards 2013

The 4th annual PEN Awards is now open for entries. The 2012 Awards culminated in a fantastic Awards Conference with significant personal and organisation recognition and wonderful opportunities to share best practice and speak one to one with others on the front line striving to improve the Patient Experience.

Key Dates:

Entry submission deadline date Friday 11th October 2013
Finalist’s announcement Friday 8th November 2013
Awards Day & Best Practice Conference Wednesday 5th February 2014

Visit for more information and how to enter or call Alma Sheren on 01223 911988.

Online seminars

Doctors Championing Change Seminar 3: Creating a compact that supports you – Thursday 8 August 2013, 4.30-5.30pm

Register your place today

When Senior Leaders Engage Online 
– Discover how you can use social media to impact organisational culture, provide stronger, more open leadership and engage with the public. Tuesday 13 August 2013.

Please note the correct time for the seminar is 4.00-5.00pm (GMT)

Register your place today

#leadtheconversation is an introductory workshop that explores key issues, of what is social media, the risks and massive opportunities. This workshop is a must for healthcare organisations. For PEN members AKD are offering a 10%’discount. Use the discount code PEN1
10th September 2013 London & 16th September Birmingham 2013

PEN Best Practice event 12th September 2013, at Alder Hey

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Everton Football Club, last year’s overall winners at the Patient experience Network National Awards have agreed to host our next event. This will be held on 12th September at Alder Hey, Liverpool. It will be a fantastic day focussing on the experience for children and young people. There is no charge for attending and you can reserve places by contacting Louise Blunt by email on Further details will be sent out shortly.

A Practical Guide to Saving Lives Reducing Hospital Deaths Attributable to problems in care – Monday 30th September 2013 Hallam Conference Centre, London
Chaired by Professor Elizabeth Robb Member, National Advisory Group, Hospital Mortality Review & Chief Executive, Florence Nightingale Foundation, this conference follows our previous reducing hospital mortality conferences and focuses on reducing hospital deaths attributable to problems in care. or email

Handling, Investigating, Resolving and Learning from Complaints – Tuesday 1 October 2013, Manchester
Chaired by Chris Bostock, Head of Complaints Policy at the Department of Health, this conference reflects on these recommendations, and the learning from them into practice at a local level in your organisation or directorate. For further information and to book your place click on the title above or email

Information Governance & Information Sharing – Implementing the findings of Caldicott2
Wednesday 16 October 2013, London
Chaired by Christopher Fincken, Chair, The UK Council of Caldicott Guardians, this one day conference with will examine how to manage and share patient and service user identifiable data and how to meet the standards of information governance laid down by the new Caldicott review. For further information and to book your place click on the title above or email

Clinical Service Process Mapping and Redesign – Tuesday 5 November 2013, London
This interactive conference offers a practical guide on clinical service process mapping and redesign. The sessions will be delivered by very experienced clinicians with vast experience of process mapping and redesigning clinical services. For further information and to book your place visit or email

Better Data for Informed Commissioning – Wednesday 20 November 2013 , London
This conference focuses on delivering better data for informed commissioning to assess and improve outcomes along the patient pathway. For further information and to book your place click on the title or email

Patient Experience Feedback: Developing real time systems as recommended by the Francis Inquiry – Wednesday 4 December 2013,Manchester

The conference, with keynote introductions from both Neil Churchill, Director of Patient Experience and Sam Riley, Director of Insight at NHS England, will provide a practical guide to measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstrating responsiveness both to individual patient feedback and to insight from patients as an organisation as a whole. For further information and to book your place click on the title or email

19 November 2013 | America Square Conference Centre, London

View Full Details of Programme and Speakers
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