New research commissioned by Treasure Data reveals that only 26% of the content UK consumers currently receive from brands is relevant, and just 35% say that the content makes them click through.  

Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, young people aged 18-34 were most likely to believe they’ve divulged more personal information since the pandemic (28%). Accordingly, 44% of respondents said they expected more from brands after having shared their personal data. Still, companies are struggling to utilise information effectively and tailor relevant and engaging communication with customers

In this overview, we share interesting data from the report. Some of our previously published articles on how to apply data-driven marketing might serve as an extended answer to the worrying statistics revealed with this research.  

Lack of tailored communication impacts brand loyalty  

an image showing a marketing content in preparation.

The research reveals that 45% of consumers stated they would leave a brand within a week if the messaging was not relevant. Ruthlessly, a fifth of Brits (20%) said they would unsubscribe in less than 24 hours. These are quite worrying insights, given the scheduled phase-out of third-party cookies

However, the research also highlights that there are clear opportunities to build loyalty if relevant communications are provided. With 35% of UK consumers willing to share their personal data, if it meant personalised and tailored content, brands have a promising chance to build effective content strategies.  

“To succeed, brands must work harder to collect and interpret their customer data more effectively. Marketers that implement robust data management strategies will ultimately help businesses make better decisions. Delivering relevant and timely communications which demonstrate a 360 view of the customer is the secret weapon when it comes to consumer satisfaction, and brands can’t afford to risk falling short” commented Andrew Stephenson, Director of Marketing, EMEA at Treasure Data.    

Unclarities around usage of personl data

The research also highlighted that despite consumers sharing so much of their personal data, Brits are at a loss as to what brands are doing with it:  

  • 52% admitted they don’t understand how their personal information is being used.  
  • 57% of UK consumers said that they do not trust brands with their personal data
  • 37% said they did not know what GDPR means. 
  • 73% said they did not know how many brands have their personal data.
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