Bitcoin’s been around for a long time now, but it still manages to stay at the top of its game. Most of us are already familiar with the new wave of cryptocurrencies that has swept the world. From Litecoin to Ethereum, there are plenty of other coins that have entered and expanded the crypto market. While some of these new currencies do pretty well for themselves, it’s easy to say that they’ve got nothing on Bitcoin. The first-ever cryptocurrency is still the main go-to for crypto users, and if you’re wondering why that is, here are a few of the biggest reasons. 

It’s More Mainstream 

Like all other cryptocurrencies that came after it, Bitcoin struggled with being accepted by the general public. Since blockchain and crypto tech are fairly new concepts, most people weren’t too keen on accepting them in the beginning. Of course, this is only natural. Not much was known about Bitcoin when it first made its debut, so most people weren’t ready to take a gander at something virtually unknown and risky. 

The good news is, things have changed drastically since then. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s had more time to earn the trust of people worldwide through sharing information and action. These days, Bitcoin is edging closer and closer to the mainstream, making giving it a big advantage over the competition when things like shopping are in question. From big fast food and coffee chains to massive online shopping platforms, Bitcoin is now accepted pretty much everywhere you turn. 

New Ways to Earn 

One of the things that make Bitcoin stand out from the rest is the drive to release new profit options for its users. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies that came after it, Bitcoin users have a chance to earn Bitcoin through several means. A great example of this is automated Bitcoin trading software like Bitcoin Trader. With the help of these apps, users have a chance to simplify the traditional trading process by automating it! The advanced AI in these apps makes it its mission to search for the best investments out there and takes them automatically if they seem profitable. 

Another great example of this is the growing trend of Bitcoin freelancing. While most people take a different route with investing, users that want to work for their Bitcoin now have a chance to do it from the comfort of their own home. Bitcoin freelancing websites offer a wide range of gigs that freelancers can complete and earn themselves a nice stack of Bitcoin. As long as there’s room for growth and improvement, Bitcoin does its best to fill in the gaps and offer something new. 

It Keeps Experimenting 

As you can already tell from the previous paragraph, Bitcoin is a big fan of growth. One of the biggest downfalls of new cryptocurrencies is their unwillingness to try new things. These coins are pretty rigid, sticking to a few chosen profit methods and operating in a single field, instead of allowing room for growth as the years go by. Naturally, this can be a big turn-off for fans. If something becomes boring and repetitive, it’s easy to drop it and move on to something else. 

With Bitcoin, this isn’t a concern. Bitcoin is on a never-ending mission to change and improve. Whether those changes are barely noticeable or completely novel, Bitcoin users can appreciate the effort aimed to improve their experience. An excellent example of Bitcoin’s growth is the new Bitcoin games trend. The cryptocurrency is expanding into the entertainment field, offering users a chance to enjoy premium gaming content that can earn them a few coins. Sure, these games might not be as big as current PC smash hits, but they’re insanely entertaining in their own right! 

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