The CX field is evolving and transforming as we embrace the power of technology in understanding people’s behaviours. This can be overwhelming if you are a total stranger in this field. One must grasp everything from observational research, UX, expectation management, to leadership, economy, and culture.

No one has all the answers, but Customer Experience Magazine is a platform for diverse opinions that can help us build smarter processes and organisations. Therefore, we interview leading voices in CX about trends they observe. Let’s dive into some of the most interesting interviews we hosted in 2022.

‘Many organisations publish their scores without identifying the underlying drivers in taking a business-centric view back into that metric. Leaders have lost confidence in CX metrics because of the significant reliance on a survey as a measure of success and performance.’

We had the honour of hosting an interview with Bill Staikos, Senior Vice President, Evangelist & Head of Community Engagement at Medallia. He has more than 25 years’ experience driving customer and employee experience excellence, and proven expertise in envisioning and executing holistic customer-centric strategies.

The focus of our conversation with Dmitry Isupov, the co-founder at at Chattermill, was unstructured data. As Isupov explained, this is text-heavy information gathered through social media channels, chats, email conversations with customers, etc.

Research by IDC predicts that 80% of global data will be unstructured by 2025.In this interview, you will discover what companies need to do to build a healthy infrastructure for analysing customer data across multiple channels. Below are the key points from this highly informative discussion.

‘Don’t feel like you have a system locked in. That’s not going to be possible here. Always be curious. Be experimenting. Be learning and in that way you get to design experiences that will be helpful and relevant to your people.’

 In this episode, we focused on the importance of building a global CX community and inviting experimentation and playfulness in CX. Listen to this episode to find out why being a guide and navigating the path for our customers should be a part of your winning CX and EX strategy.

With the pandemic, the whole world started buzzing about new ways of working. However, rethinking the future of work has been on the agenda for quite some time now. The pandemic just helped us realize how vital it is to prioritize employees’ well-being and think sustainably about our talents.

A vast body of work showcases that reduced work hours benefit people’s mental health, reduce staff turnover, and decrease job dissatisfaction. While companies desperately try to engage their employees by offering them more activities, maybe the solution lies elsewhere. What if working less means creating more quality content and better impact?

“Punk is not a method, not a framework, not a toolkit. It is just an invite to do things differently because our customers and our people are waiting.

Punk XL, Adrian’s latest book, published in 2021, was the core topic of our conversation. Throughout this episode, Adrian shares his thoughts on the role experience leadership plays in the CX & EX arenas. Adrian’s article on the punk of CX is the opening article in our first issue of CXM Review.

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